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Ruggieri Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival 2023
Ruggieri Creative Spirit Ruggieri Creative Spirit

A Creative Spirit

Dedicated to events

Design original events at the forefront of creativity.
Compose multidisciplinary pyrotechnic works.
Realize awe-inspiring creations.

Where the things of dreams...
...Become reality
Ruggieri Since 1739 Louis XIV Artificier Pyrotechnie

A heritage


In 1739, the Italian Ruggieri brothers arrived in Paris and commenced their brilliant career as pyrotechnicians to King Louis XV. This family of pyrotechnicians has never ceased to put its art at the service of historical events and public celebrations.

From Georges II to Napoleon and Queen Victoria to the Prince of Monaco, the illustrious of this world have supported the Ruggieri brother's technical innovations, leading them to lay the foundations of modern pyrotechnics.

Ruggieri Pyrotechnicien Artificiers Ruggieri Pyrotechnicien Artificiers

Our Know-How


Ruggieri Pyrotechnics Fireworks

Ruggieri's long-established know-how, associated with today's most innovative technologies, enables us to coordinate and lead the way in multimedia shows, combining fireworks with aquatic installations, light projections, lasers, video mapping and live performers to give expression to a tailored scenography. From conception by our creative teams to on-site execution, Ruggieri has the expertise to provide you with professional and to realize every aspect of an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind show.


Ruggieri Pyrotechnics Fireworks

Ruggieri's teams are at your service to design and set up your exceptional events. The design department creates original, tailored shows and the technical team, working in compliance with the highest standards of safety, ensures the most appropriate set up. Our R&D department, in conjunction with our testing laboratory, design exceptional, efficient and ambitious projects.

Ruggieri Artifices Pyrotechnie Ruggieri Artifices Pyrotechnie

Ruggieri's Key Figures

Some interesting figures

tons of powder
per year
pyrotechnicians receive F4 training from us every year
fireworks shows
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